Anti-Lock Brake Systems

Remanufactured Anti-Lock Brake Systems have a one year limited warranty and are upgraded with a braided steel, high pressure line and new accumulator.

To order parts:  Andy:  928-386-0999

Monday - Saturday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM EST

For technical questions: Larry:  928-243-4808

To order parts - Andy:   928-386-0999

Monday - Saturday 8:30AM - 5:30PM EST


For technical questions - Larry: 928-243-4808

​Rebuilt Odometer/Speedometer

We professionally rebuild Odometer/Speedometer assemblies and use upgraded American built gears. The rebuilder completely cleans the roller assembly and applies premium quality lubricant for the longest life possible. All rebuilt assemblies come with a one year limited warranty. 

Rebuilt Factory TC Antennas

We rebuild your factory TC antenna assembly and install a new mast and gear.  We clean and lubricate the assembly using premium lubricant which will not degrade the plastic gears. All rebuilt antennas come with a one year limited warranty.  

Rebuilt Top Pull-down Assembly

We provide rebuilding service for your top pull-down assembly.  We overhaul the motor and use premium lubricant on the housing and gears. Relays are cleaned and tested for reliability. All assemblies rebuilt by us come with a one year warranty.  For owners who prefer to do it themselves, we can supply housings, gears and relays.   

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